Purpose of wearing lingerie and why it’s always been taken off?

Love is blind or Love is looking at your partner because she wears a sexy alluring lingerie?

Why it’s favourite among men and women alike?

Let’s differentiate between sleepwear and lingerie.

Lingerie encompasses either a sexy panties or sexy bras that are typical underwear worn under clothing. Some might be not so comfortable but look extremely sexy while others may be comfortable and sexy. Here what we meant are being comfortable, stylist, fitting, materials, construction, design, durability are all considerations but the most important is how does it looks when you wear it on your body.

An erotic sexy lingerie is what you should be looking for to seduce your partner in bed.

Men purchased wife’s lingerie. Women purchased husband’s lingerie. What do you purchased for your love ones?

There are many types of lingerie:

Baby doll – the short ones

Night Gowns from mid length to full length

Teddies / shapers / body suits – all with either crotches that unbutton, unhook or uncap or with wide or high cut leg openings

Tap panties / French knickers / specialty panties that undo with buttons or zippers or are open all together that she wears with her chemises and night gowns

Materials- we favour silks but some are nylon/polyester some very sheer things some antique embroidered and lace – all are very – VERY pretty….

But Why?

My wife decided long ago that we would make love each day- in our case in the mornings. She feels comfortable, sexy, confident and even somewhat modest in sleepwear. It allows her to express herself and SHE chooses what to wear and when….

Oh – and when we make love – NOTHING ever comes off, She does not like me undressing her but she sure does like having sex – a lot. She does not mind me undoing snaps, or buttons or unhooking her shaper at the ride when she wishes me to have access to her there…. but I never undress her.

Good well designed sleepwear is no impediment to engaging in sex.

If I had to have a favourite I prefer her in teddies / body shapers / briefers with crotches that undo as they are very flattering to her magnificent figure but I do love a long romantic pure silk gown with a matching pair of tap panties that have very wide generous leg openings…. She picks what she wants to wear and when… I am a very happy husband… She has a distinct glint in her eye… a well satisfied and confident Woman.