What type of lingerie do men like?

I really like this piece of article write up by a blogger, here it goes….


Being a man and a lingerie designer and lover and wearer myself… I feel I can answer this question… First thing is that, it is very feminine thing to have… My favourite quote is “God Made Woman, Lingerie made them Sexy…” So, I find women wearing lingerie more sexier than naked or nude woman… Somehow, the lingerie takes the attention away from the usual flaws from a woman’s body/skin and catches the attention as something more visible. Secondly, the sheerness, the shape and style of lingerie brings the feeling of “Disovering” that what’s underneath or hiding…!!!

The feel of soft lingerie, embellishments and styles make them truly appealing. Most men like them as they tend to make the woman more feminine as I said “Lingerie is very much exclusively” associated with women. Why would I wear it.. For same reasons… I like the feel of lingerie on the skin.. Specially the soft sheer stockings, soft silky panties and lace panties and other underwear… Same is true for Fishnet/Mesh stockings, panties. Bras usually make the bust appear more fuller and shapely which surely is attractive.

Removing the lingerie from your partner’s body is like opening an expensive looking gift and the fun and enjoyment of it is priceless. People who have not tried them or don’t like them are at a loss… Seriously.

Well, God Made Man too, if lingerie made women sexy, lingerie too made men as sexy as a women. What do you think?