Men’s Lingerie

MEN’S LINGERIE Are you ready to show off your abs in the most modern men’s lingerie? Here at online shop you will find lots of collection of must haves for steamy saucy evening night. Choose from selection of male lingerie, including costumes, boxers, thongs, G string, body suits and more. When it comes to […]

What type of lingerie do men like?

I really like this piece of article write up by a blogger, here it goes….   Being a man and a lingerie designer and lover and wearer myself… I feel I can answer this question… First thing is that, it is very feminine thing to have… My favourite quote is “God Made Woman, Lingerie made […]

How to wear Lingerie for your Men

Sexy Lingerie is all about looking sexy and feeling good, erotic feel and look. And it’s proven men and women alike loves sexy lingerie, whether it’s a sexy panty or sexy night wears. So buy one to tempt your men and this will help your men to create a romantic moments for both. Lingerie acts […]